Page Size for PDF's

I changed the page size of the parts from letter size to 9.5x12.5. This is how it looks in Engrave Mode.

This is how it looks in Print Mode.

Too much space at the top and bottom. Do I have to change the default master page or something like that?


Ignore print mode preview (as far as page size, that is). Export the graphic and check it; it should be correct.


It looks like the page is scaled down to fit on A4 paper. It could be the default setting of your actual printer, or at least, what Dorico thinks it is.
What happens when you Export Graphics (i.e. PDF), and then print the exported PDF (assuming your printer contains a 9.5x12.5 paper tray)?

Thanks. You’re right. The exported PDF’s look fine. I’ll try to print some to be sure but it’s curious why Print Mode looks odd. Now I know.