Page size issue

Hello everyone ! I just finished an orchestra piece, and I was editing happily until I realized that my page size for this piece is A3. I tried changing it to 9 x 12 and now everything is super cramped together. I’m scared I’ll have to redo the entire score with a 9 x 12 page size configuration.
:frowning: I will eventually need to print the score on 9 x 12…
This is the score on A3 page size

this is when I change to 9x 12

Why not just reduce your staff size? Layout Options–Page Setup–Space Size.

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Alternatively, why not just finish it in A3 and print on your paper using the print software’s reduce function to get it to the right size?

I guess because 9 x 12 and A3 are different proportions. This works between different “A” sizes (and I’ve done it before).

hi ! No it’s not ideal… I tried and it’s just making it unreadable

Hi ! So would you advice me to just start over in a new project with 9 x 12 as default ?

Surely not. Set your space size to size 7 or 8 and try that.

No, you don’t need to start over! It might be helpful to understand that page size and staff (or space) size are totally independent of one another. Set the page size you want, then adjust the staff size until you have a good fit.

not at all! Just follow @DanKreider 's advice.

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Okay I will try that ! Thanks a lot

Are you saying that you tried 9x12 and it’s unreadable (too small)? I don’t doubt that.

For the amount of material on the page, A3 is pretty much where you’ll have to be, in my opinion.