Page/staff size for 30-staff score

I have a score for a large orchestra - 30 instruments. The piano and both harps have double staves (i.e. treble & bass clefs) each, so 33 staves in all. I can’t figure out how to make them all legible. I almost got there, but the top instrument’s staff (piccolo) is much smaller than the rest, and several (seemingly random) instruments have their staves written on top of the next instrument, making them both illegible. The problem was much worse when I originally imported the piece via XML, but I changed to larger paper and had some success in manually changing the size of the space between lines with all staves chosen. It worked for all but the piccolo, but left 3 staves superimposed on the next in score order.

I hope I’m missing something obvious. :confused:

Have you tried to change the space size in Layout options (cmd-shift-L)>Page setup? You should be able to select a raster size or a space size that works — granted, it will be small, unless you print on A3…

Thanks but yes, I’ve done just that (and used A3 as well!). The problems remain the same with over-printed staves and the small piccolo staff.

You might be experiencing the bug

Have you tried control-clicking the piccolo staff and checking Staff Size in the contextual menu? There could be something weird in the xml file.

I am sorry but somehow the message I submitted yesterday never got posted. I have no idea why not, but I hope this one gets through.

As I said in the missing note, I did not save the mess from that first XML import, so I tried it again, with exactly the same keystrokes (the ones that Marc suggested and I had followed the first time) as well as changing the page to A3. This time it worked fine! To repeat: I did nothing different, but the results were fine this time! So it is sort of the reverse of the bug that Marc’s link refers to - it seems to forget its previous mistakes!

So while I have no idea why, I do have a viable score. It’s too bad that Dorico doesn’t playback all of the articulations because the brass at the end sounds terrific, but the rest is unusable as a demo audio file.

Stephen, thank you for your reply. I no longer have the weird-size piccolo staff so I can’t check it, but when I tried to change its size the first time it displayed the same size as the other staves, so I have no idea what happened.

Marc, merci beaucoup!

My pleasure :wink: