Page template change

I need to have wider margins in a section of my current work. I made a page template with wide margins. Fine. But when I apply ‘page template change’ to page 47 onwards, it apples to the whole score retrospectively.

What am I missing in understanding?


@Andro your threads about this are like your page templates: all over the place.

Just use one! :slightly_smiling_face:

(I mean that in the nicest possible way)

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You need to provide the project, or at least some screenshots. Otherwise it’s just guessing.

I’m sure you’ve worked this out, but just for completeness:

Page margins are set for the entire layout in Layout Options. Individual pages cannot have wider/taller page margins than this setting.

You can, however, set the page margins as wide/tall as you need, then set some page templates to have frames that are inset from those outermost page margins.

You can also change the music frame margins for individual music frames, independently of the music frame margins set as the default for the layout.

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