Page template edit does not stick after saving

I have this page template (CDG_Template_26) that has its subtitle aligned left I dont know why.
In the engrave/template editor
CDG_Template_26.dorico (700.7 KB)
I correct the subtitle alignment to center in the “first” template
apply and close the template editor
all is well
I save my edited template “as a template”
quit Dorico
open /new select the just saved template CDG_Template_26

and the subtitle is back aligned left

Did you make sure your change was reflected on both the right and left pages of your Page Template?

CDG_Template_26altered.dorico (707.0 KB)

The reason the subtitle did not stick centered when edited in template editor was because the Subtitle font in Library/Paragraph Styles/Subtitle/Alignement was set to Left.