Page template edit problem

There’s something i don’t get about page templates.

I have a big orchestra score and i have created a page template for title page. The title page is inserted into every part (red corners visible). But now i realised i have not added layout name to the title page. No problemo, me thinks – i edit the title page template, but… changes are not applied to all the parts. Which means i have to remove existing title pages and add them again to all the 40+ parts.

What am i doing wrong?

If your layouts have a red triangle on the pages then you have a page override.

If you’ve edited the template and then remove page overrides (right-click the particular page and select) it should help fix things up. Also, you need to make sure that you’re using the {@layoutname@} token in the text frame.

Don’t use Insert Page. Use Insert Page Template Change. You should have a green bar and no red triangle.

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Yes there’s a fun detail here in relation to how Dorico understands different changes:

  • Insert page with “Use page template” selected: inserts a local page override, whose starting state uses the frames from a page template as the basis. However, inserted pages (with red triangles) won’t pick up subsequent changes to the page template. You can assign a page template change to the inserted page, select the required page template, and then remove the override: you’ll be left with a page template change that follows the page template.

(In all honesty, I’ve done this before as a way of “working through” the stages of adding pages, to make sure I’ve visualised each stage; but you can also just – )

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Oh, i see. Thanks.

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I think i now start to understand the principle, thanks.

As i understand, there’s no way of adding title page to all the parts simultaniously. But maybe there’s a way to solve this already when starting the project, so that every new instrument/layout added already has title page template added to it?

There’s no way of assigning page templates to pages in multiple layouts, I’m afraid, but the use-case of the shared parts title page has come up before so the team is aware of the request.