Page templates and library settings

I just set my beam grouping options and cautionary accidentals the way I need it for a project. I saved the (one measure) document as a Project Template. (It doesn’t seem to matter whether I preserve existing flows or not). I also exported the library. When I did “new from project template” the beam grouping and cautionary accidentals were NOT the way I had set them. If use the library manager to import the library I just exported, it shows that the project template does not have the same library settings as I had saved. The library exports correctly, but not the template. What do I do to get the grouping options and cautionary accidental settings to be what I want them to be in a project template?

According to the manual, there’s no reference to Notation or Engraving Options being preserved in a template.

Have you considered marking your settings as Default in those respective dialogs?

It does say it saves project library settings, of which notation and engraving options are, aren’t they? I don’t want to make them default as I only need the change for a specific project (of multiple pieces).

Did you read the link? This is in the second paragraph:

The project library settings included in project templates include custom items, page templates, font and paragraph styles, and options for bracketing and bracing, large time signatures, page size, and playback.

I would expect options in Notation Options and Engraving Options to be included as part of the project template, if you’ve included flows (as Notation Options are linked to flows, so I think options set in that dialog are only preserved alongside the flow).

When it says “project templates include” it does not necessarily exclude other items. The list is given as an example. If it said “project templates only include…” that’s another story.

I’m almost 100% sure I tried saving the project template with the option to preserve existing flows but apparently I did not. I did this time and it works like expected. For anyone else with similar issues, be sure to select preserve existing flows when saving it as a project template. Thanks.

I didn’t read it that way at all but it doesn’t matter anyway.