Page templates - copy from one page to another

I have copied a flow to generate a duplicate with slight changes.
The flow is a single page and I did some changes, so I have an override triangle on the page.
I could have just saved the project as a copy and change the original, but I wanted to keep everything in one project.
Two possible features came into my mind:

  1. a possibility to copy a page with all overrides or
  2. a possibility to define a page with overrides as a new template

This was the first time I needed somethig like this since Dorico 1, therefore there is probaply no need for this as a feature, but I just wanted to mention it …

Being able to create page templates from existing overrides on individual pages has been requested before, so the team is aware of interest in such a feature.

It’s in general worth remembering though that page overrides are not linked to flows, even if that’s what you intended when you made the changes. They’re linked to pages.

You can manually copy frames to other pages, but in almost all cases it’s best to use or create page templates when you want to start making adjustments to frames (because that’s the system in Dorico for using the same arrangement of frames on more than one page).

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If I knew, that I would need a duplicate of the flow I would have changed the template in the first plate. But I didn’t and if you adjust the template, you don’t see the result on the page. Therefore it is often quicker to adjust the page directly and create overrides.
The Overrides are from adjustments of the existing frames, therefore I can’t copy anything to make life easier.

What you can do is to make the changes on the page exactly as you wish, note down the values in the property’s panel and copy those in your template version. Then removing overrides should give you the exact same aspect, but no overrides, and that template can be reused in any other layout or flow.

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