Page templates in new documents

Dorico allows me to page templates, page template sets, and project templates. Is there a way to change Dorico’s default page template sets such that they will apply to any new document produced without a project template (similar to modifying the layout in Finale’s “Finale Default File”)?

If you edit the First or Default Page Template, in the Default Full Score or the Default Part Page Template Set, using the Page Template Editor, these should be what are used by default for a Full Score or Part Layout in a new project. (Edit: this is wrong)

Is this what you mean?

I don’t think you can “Save As Default” any changes to the Page Templates. But you can export and import Page Template Sets into any document.

You can start every document from your own Project Template, and then add Players/Ensembles (which is essentially the same as Finale’s default file – you select it, then add the instruments.)

Does this mean that my

is null and void?

Yes, any changes you make to page templates in one project don’t affect other projects; unless you then save the edited project as a project template, and start new projects from that.

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Thanks Lillie - post edited.

Could this ever be a feature (in Preferences maybe)? Selecting a Page Template Set to use when you create a project?

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Thanks all for the insight. Count me in as a +1 for adding this feature, which I never thought about until today.

I think in almost no projects have I ever needed exactly the Dorico default page template, but with one or two adjustments that I’d rather not make to every project. Importing is much faster, but not as fast as simply setting the default template for the program to have, say, another text field on the first page.

Importing a .doricolib in engrave mode is
a few clicks more, but one has to do it only once.
Also you can create project templates.
I fail to see a real need for this.

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