Page templates not working?

Hi there,

I’ve tried editing page templates and the effects don’t show on my project. I would like to do the following:

  • Have a project with no title page, but a ‘First’ page for each flow, that shows the name of the flow as a Heading, and some other text boxes
  • in subsequent pages, a header at the top of each page with the name of the flow

this is neither advanced or a new feature

In the video on this page, it is demonstrated that what I want to do is possible…but apparently. not on my Dorico Pro?

I have attached pictures to show what I mean. In the first picture, there is only ‘Flow title’, and it’s supposed to be big. The second picture, in ‘Write’ mode, has a header and a flow number, and it’s small. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

We’re missing some information here, and as so often, seeing the actual project might tell us way more than just a screenshot.
I’m pretty sure it’s possible to achieve what you want, and that one of the many powerful layout options is preventing it. This part of Dorico is quite well fleshed out by now, and I would be surprised if some obscure bug now suddenly pops up in your project.
Things to check (not an exhaustive list, there could be other issues):

  • Is the ‘First’ page template we see on top actually part of the Page Template Set assigned to the Full Score, or is it accidentally from the Part templates? The screenshot doesn’t tell.
  • In Layout Options, did you specify that the first flow (or all flows), should start with the ‘First’ page template?
  • In Engrave Mode, do you see red triangles on the pages on the right? Those are page overrides that will break the connection to the page template. Avoid those, and try to make generally useable adjustments in the templates as much as possible.
  • Check the Project Info. Maybe the flow number is simply part of the flow title?

Hi @PjotrB Peter (and anyone else),

I have checked through your bullet points and a problem still persists. My screenshots are now of the full project, so I hope that helps to show if I’m missing anything.

  1. Flow 1 (Marching Tune). It is correct as the ‘First’ template

  1. The ‘First’ template

  1. Editing the ‘First’ template

  1. Layout options that specify that any flow starting at the top of the page should use ‘First’ template

  1. Creating a new flow (SLSoca), which should use ‘First’ template, and now it’s using something else

  1. Showing that the selected page has no page overrides, is indeed selected as ‘First’ template (due to the green background behind ‘First’), and yet it isn’t what ‘First’ should look like (see 2/3.)

I hope this demonstrates the process by which I am attempting to create new flows in the ‘First’ template, and that for some reason, it is not doing so.

Any thoughts would be gladly received!

You have apparently edited the left Page Template but not the right (or vice versa). You need to use the L-> R button at the top of the window to transfer changes made on the left page definition to the right page (or vice versa, depending on what you want).

Your layout options (in the section shown in your layout options screenshot) specify that Flow Headings should be used for all but the first flow, and that the Flow Title token should be hidden if it appears above a Flow Heading.

As such, what you’re seeing for this new (second, third, other) flow is the First page template minus the flow title at the top, with a Flow Heading positioned at the top of the music frame.

Either modify these settings or edit your Flow Heading template (from the right panel of Engrave mode) so that it matches your First page template.

Incredible explanation and solution! Thank you so much @pianoleo and everyone for your suggestions.