Page Up / Page Down with vertical spreads

I’m baffled as to why the page up and page down keys on an extended keyboard do not affect a score when displayed in a vertical format. I use a USB foot pedal to move pages up and down while I am working - specifically when working with vertical spreads, and I am used to having the entire page(s) change with the press of a button/foot switch. I love Dorico, but I am currently unable to use it because of the lack of this feature, so can you please add it?

Please search before you post. This has come up before; it’s a known bug; it’ll be fixed eventually. Page view "spreads vertically" or "single pages vertically" glitch - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

I first posted about this in October 2016 and am still waiting for a fix. I thought I was alone in needing this feature, and unfortunately for me, it’s a deal-breaker.

You’re not alone, but from what I can tell it’s only you and me who’ve asked, which might explain why it’s not high on the development team’s todo list.

I’m afraid I can’t comprehend why this should be a dealbreaker, despite grumbling about this myself. The time that I lose by working in horizontal spread mode or being sufficiently zoomed in that vertical spreads work correctly is massively compensated for by the time and energy Dorico saves me in virtually every other aspect.

Don’t let something as silly as this put you off!

David, have you considered using a horizontal page arrangement instead of a vertical one and remapping View > Move View Left to Page Up and View > Move View Right to Page Down in the Key Commands page of Preferences?

Oh Daniel, this works great and I’m so glad that you suggested it - thank-you very much. This will work just fine for me now, although I do hope that in the future when you address the issues with vertical layout, that the entire page will move, rather than in increments. Thanks again - problem fixed!!

I am currently able to use my foot pedal, which shifts the music to the left, but I’d prefer to have the page down button move the pages up like it does in that “other program”. In other words, I’d like to see pages 1 & 2, press my foot pedal (linked to the page down button) have those two pages move up so that I can now see pages 3 & 4 etc.

Having the pages move to the left is not ideal, because depending upon where I am in the score, sometimes I need to look at the far left of the screen for a new page, and sometimes in the middle of the screen - in other words, it’s easy to lose one’s place. When a pair of pages move up, the eyes will always move to the beginning of the left page.

This is an important feature for me because I compose for piano, and I’m constantly playing what I have just entered, and don’t have a free hand to turn pages. Any chance that this will be implemented in an update?

David, I like the idea of navigating page view using the pedal. I’m able to move view like this but only in one direction, how do you use the same pedal to move pages up and down?

In theory you program it to use the Page Up / Page Down keys, but as David’s said, this basically doesn’t work in Dorico.

Oh, and he’s not talking about using ONE foot pedal. He’s talking about using one foot pedal unit. Probably something like one of these: which is actually three foot pedals. I use one for music transcription work. Play/pause, rewind and fast forward of the audio is controlled by my foot, leaving both my hands free to notate in Dorico.

Yes, but how does the pedal know when to go up or down? You can only assign 1 command.

See my recent edit above, André.

Ah ok. I understand. I’m using a single sustain pedal. Thanks for clarification Leo.

USB Foot Pedal ≠ Sustain Pedal :wink:

David, we’ll try to take another look at this the next time we are doing any work on zoom and view positioning.

Thanks for looking into this Daniel.

For those who are interested, I use this foot pedal - It works great, is simple to use and I find it indispensable.

Currently, as per Daniel’s previous suggestion, I use a horizontal page arrangement instead of a vertical one and have remapped View > Move View Left to Page Up and View > Move View Right to Page Down in the Key Commands page of Preferences.

I will try with the Air-turn device tonight, and hope there will be a pleasing solution to take benefit from it!

Air Turn is excellent. We use it when guitarists are playing from iPad.

Unfortunately I happened to buy AT-104, which seems to be legacy stuff, I am very disappointed about that. They should no longer sell this kind of old stuff, useless and unreliable.

I’ve been using Vertical Spreads, mostly because that’s how DTP apps like InDesign work. However, there is another reason to use Horizontal Spreads: Dorico centres the window on the beginning of a selection, and this can cause lots of weird moving about with Vertical Spreads. The effect is minimized (and only occurs along one axis, not two) when using Horizontal Spreads.
It’s also a lot easier to do things like draw selections across page turns, etc.