Page view does not follow caret at start of new page/system

Sorry for all the annoying questions.

This is fairly minor one, but: when in note entry mode (or whatever it’s called in Dorico) using the caret (shift-N), when the caret crosses over to a new page, the page view does not follow until after a note has been created at the position of the caret. So if you’re trying to enter anything into a popover to be associated with the note, you’re essentially doing so blind and, if you’re me, frequently make typos which cause the thing you were trying to create to not be created, and then necessitating exiting note entry mode in order to re-enter the thing at the right position. Is there a way to set the preferences in such a way that page view always follows the caret instead of the current selection?

Related question: when entering a note with an associated dynamic, the dynamic is automatically what is selected after note entry, not the note, which is problematic for certain adjustments to notes that have to be made after they are created (eg octave transpositions). Again, is there a way to change this behaviour by default?

Dear naomi,
It’s the same behavior here. The sensible thing to do is to press ctrl-alt-2 to enter galley view when you enter music (it’s the only way to access all instruments playable by the players) and you won’t suffer from these annoyances any more. Return to page view with ctrl-alt-1. For mac, replace ctrl by cmd.

I guess that does seem to be the only option, but I do always tend to enter music in page view (in any software) because page layout/engraving/positioning is pretty important to my compositional work… (and also a bunch of things actually can’t be done except in engrave mode at the moment, e.g. split tuplets, etc)

I remember that back in the old days in the other place, we had an option to control whether the screen positioning should follow the caret or follow the selection. At the moment, Dorico only follows the selection. This is certainly something we could look into changing in the future.

It would definitely be appreciated by at least one person if that were an option that could be introduced! >.>

I admire the parliamentary language.

At least two persons !