Pages and Master Pages panel not showing in Dorico for iPad v.

Left and bottom panels are both accessible either by touching The icon or by using Cmd 7 and Cmd 8 respectively. The right panel remains stubbornly hidden. Even Cmd 9 doesn’t open it.

I thought earlier that perhaps the version I was running wouldn’t allow this. Now I am using Lifetime Unlock with the latest version/build installed. I have done a hard restart, exited and restarted the app, nothing works. I have not deleted and restored the app yet.

Any ideas?

Since Dorico for iPad mimics Dorico Elements, I doubt it has access to all the Engrave mode features. Pages and Page Templates are IIRC among those features withheld.

Thanks Derek
I thought that was the most likely reason. At least I can stop wasting time trying to get the app to do something it’s not designed to do.