Paid extra for Dorico, not aware of educational crossgrade

I am very upset right now that I paid $279.99 for the crossgrade download of Dorico when the educational crossgrade price is $159.99. I am a full-time college student. The reason I wasn’t aware of this discount is that the three prices I saw publicly advertised were the full price, the crossgrade price, and the education price which was higher than the crossgrade, so I saw no reason to investigate the education version. Is there any way I can retroactively get the discount?

Please get in touch with our customer services at I’d imagine they are pretty busy right now, but hopefully they’ll be able to help you soon.

(Edited to correct the email address)

There’s a difference between the full version Dorico and the education version ?

No, there’s no difference in the product - just the pricing.


If I download dorico instead to have the box version I dont have possibilities to install it in here computers?
Only the USB e-Licenser (contains in the box?) allow that?

Very same here (minus the being upset part). I already opened a suppport ticket and hope to get a positive response. If not… I’ll sure survive it :wink:

ah … me too … :cry:

AlbenBerg, yes, you’ll need a USB e-Licenser to be able to run Dorico on more than one computer.

Thanks for your answer Ben,

I will wait the version Box in Paris…

I downloaded Dorico anyway (without pay) because I though that a demo works. But Doric don’t open without the licence.
Now I have Dorico installed on my mac and wait for the USB e-Licenser in the box.
I suppose I dont need to re-install dorico since the DVD contained in the box?

I’m in the same boat - Steinberg has told me I can’t get a refund after activating the software, which seems ridiculous seeing as they have control over the e-licenser. Surely they can just deactivate my license?

Me too same boat!

Sorry for the irritation! We have updated the shop page to offer all three options now (retail, regular crossgrade and edu crossgrade).
There is also the regular crossgrade overview page that holds all options we have available:

For those of you who would have bought the edu crossgrade instead of the regular one, you will get a partial refund to match the edu crossgrade price.
Please send us an email to info [at] steinberg dot de including your online shop order number and very important a proof that you are eligible to purchase education products.

    • proofs the fact that you are a currently enrolled full-time student (if applicable) is included;
  • enrollment document includes date of issue;
  • enrollment document includes date of expiry (if applicable);
  • enrollment document includes a valid stamp of your facility.

We will verify the info and if you are eligible, we’ll initiate a refund.
This also applies to those customers who have received a negative reply already.

As with some others above, I realised after buying Dorico as a crossgrade from Sibelius, that, as I am now a student (which I wasn’t when I bought Sibelius), I was/am entitled to a further price reduction.

I contacted Steinberg yesterday evening and have just received a favourable response.

Very impressed with the speed of service!

Thank you for the quick response! I received an email asking for proof of eligibility, and I’m waiting to hear back.