Paid for upgrade my products, doesn't working and no way to contact Cubase!

Hello everybody!

I have a very ugly problem. Some time ago I got the Cubase LE4. Yesterday I decided to upgrade my licence since I got a new MacBook Pro. They got this offer and I had to caught it. After paying with my credit card, they sent me the activation code, I downloaded my eLicenser and guess what! Nothing works! Now you must understand that I’m not a computer illiterate! In fact I’m an advanced user. I don’t have a USB licenser just the eLicenser. Ok I said, I should try contact Cubase. Well… easier to say than done this. Went to My Products, went to Support in my page, found the form, but guess what, I can’t open a ticket because there is no such option, not for me!

I tried going to facebook and contact them there… guess what… they don’t have any options of contact in there. Well fair enough!
So… they took my money, I can’t use my old licence because is too old, and the new licence doesn’t work because my eLicenser says there are no available products to upgrade and should I contact Cubase. Is a catch 22!

Can anybody help me with a e-mail address or whatever reliable way to contact Steinberg? In the picture I attached you can see clearly I cannot open a ticket.

Please… please… somebody help me. I need to record some stuff and I don’t have a software even if I paid for it!

I need to get in contact with a Steinberg representative. I want my upgrade or my money back.
I’m very let down by this brand…


You said that you have CB LE4 and you decided to upgrade your license but, you did not say what Cubase version you upgraded to. If you purchased a version of Cubase that is an upgrade from the LE4 then I would think you would have to install the LE4 on to the new computer before installing the upgrade. Or… you could install the upgrade on the old computer and then follow the reactivation process when installing onto the new computer. Either way, your Cubase license must be registered in you MySteinberg account.

If trying to install the old LE4 make sure you are following the instructions in this link for reactivation.

Also… take a look at these instruction for activation. Maybe you missed something.

Also… here is the general link for how to contact Steinberg.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the help. I will try to be more specific. Around 2012 I got a sound card from ESI (Maya44). It came with a bundled Cubase LE 4. From back then to now I changed a lot of computers. To be honest I didn’t use it too much either. Good. Now I wanted a lite DAW because I need to record a small project on my MacBook Pro! Since I got the sound-card I didn’t used the software on any other machine. When I logged in to my Steinberg account, I’ve seen an offer to upgrade to LE 9. Ok i said… I should take advantage. I bought the software with my credit card, downloaded the eLicenser and I tried to enter the new serial number. Nothing! They said is nothing to upgrade in my eLicenser. Of course if you watch my content in eLicenser there are no products in there (software). Ok… then I tried to reactivate my old licence on my Mac but they said this licence has been used once already. Yeah… like 10000 years ago on a machine which doesn’t exist anymore. Why they made me this offer to upgrade the software if I can’t do it… I really need to get in touch with somebody from Steinberg… That link for contacting Steinberg is not working for me, as I can’t create a new ticket as I already specified in my previous post! I can’t install the old software because doesn’t support Sierra OSX, this is the second reason that I wanted to upgrade to the next LE! Yeah… money well spent. I want to ask for a refund.

Please check the image in attach… I try to activate… is telling me to contact Steinberg… Well this is what I try to do… but I can’t!
I can’t create a new ticket. Can please somebody help me with another way of contact them? Please… tomorrow I need to start recording … I just have pro tools and I don’t know how to use it… I’ve been a cubase guy for way over a decade…

Look at the email you received after your purchase, isn’t there a link to the store? It’s separate from Steinberg. That’s where you can ask for a refund. The company is called Asknet.

The license from the version you own has to be on the soft elicenser in order to upgrade it. That’s just how it works.

When you contact them for a refund, tell them you bought the wrong upgrade.

(not a steinberg rep)

Oh…yeah? Thanks god Steve… you’re my saviour! Your guys are great!

Now, what can I do my friends to get a DAW on my MacBook Pro running Sierra? As I said my licence came bundled with an ESI Maya44. I would use happy the old version, but they don’t support nowadays OsX’s and I have no intention to downgrade from Sierra to Snow Leopard. Is there any way I could pay less, and get the right version of licence for my product? To be honest I’m very confused right now.
Is possible to use a bundled software with another product? (since my sound interface now is a Scarlett 6i6 Mk II from Focursrite).
I can’t afford to get the full version, I’m from a poor country, for me those 10 Euros I paid for the upgrade are quite a lot. If I get a refund what should I do to get in the cheapest way a Cubase LE on my MacBook Pro running Sierra (and soon High Sierra)? Any ideas?
Thank you!

Unfortunately, your options are limited if you don’t actually pay the price,or buying a new audio device with Cubase bundled with it. Are you poor mainly due to buying a new Macbook? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: