PAL to NTSC transfer

Hello to all again
So, we have finished a project for local production. The system is PAL.
This time I have to deliver it also for the another facility. They want it 23.97.
How do I go about it?.
I’m reading about it in the manual but it isn’t very clear. Do I just select the pull down preset in the menu and export the audio?. That seems to easy LOL.
The manual states I have to change the sampling rate of my sound card. What would the correct setting?.

Thank you for your help. This is the first time we have to do this.

EDIT: I did some research and the whole issue seems more complicated.
Danijel at Gearslutz posted about it as well.
From what i read the procedure would be:

  1. time Stretch the poly files to 104.166666 to get to the 24fps.
  2. Upsample to 48048 samples per second so when the facility import it it will pull back to 48kHz = -0.1% for 23.97.
    I hope it is correct.

Thank you

I’ve never really understood why the audio should be messed with at all.
Timestretching adds artefacts.
A minute of audio should remain a minute of audio no matter what the timecode used is. At 23.976fps, a minute should still be a minute and of it is not then someone screwed the pooch in the video department (which seems to happen far, far too often).
Classic example if you have the EMI double DVD “Best of Bowie” UK PAL version.
Play “Life On Mars?”
Sounds like they are on industrial strength sedatives, as the pitch & tempo is waaaay to slow.

HAHA :slight_smile: :mrgreen:

Neil, what would you do then. Is there any other option?.
Probably start editing in final FPS.

To Neil,
We deal with this all the time and I understand a minute of audio is a minute of audio. What happens is this. We receive source footage from 25fps source. To convert properly, you interpret the 25fps footage as 24 or pulldown 23.976. The video now plays 4% or 4.1% slower. The only way to fix that is to pulldown the audio. I have been using Waves Soundshifter for years as it seems to keep the pitch correct and add the smallest of artifacts. The only other way is to mess with the video which is quite intensive. You get a lot of frame stutter if keeping the timing the same, so you need to deal with Frame Blending which can be quite a tedious process.
I hope this helps to explain a bit.