Pal video playback resolution wrong

Most of the video I work with is still plain old SD anamorphic PAL which plays out via my blackmagic intensity fine in Nuendo 7 but in Nuendo 8 with all the settings the same its output is somewhat ‘zoomed in’ such the much of the image doesn’t fit on the screen. This enlarging also effects the time display. It seems to end up at a resolution somewhere between SD pal and 720p. Setting my output to 720 shows me the full frame but with some amount of black boarder. This is with the blackmagic settings identical for both versions of Nuendo and using the same project/video files. 720p video seems to play correctly though. Would be awesome to have the blackmagic ouput settings save with the project file for dealing with different res videos.


Hi Dave,

maybe it would be helpful to know exactly which BM card or solution you are using and on which OS.

Right you are, I have added all to sig.