Pan and Fade

Just wondered how I can pan one MIDI sound I’ve already recorded so that when I press play it starts from left then pans to right by the time the sound is over. I tried to do it manually with the HALion but those presets are for the sound as a constant. Where can I find this? The mixer? Also, is it possible to fade out a MIDI track or does it need to be an audio file?


You use the mixer for both. Activate the RW buttons for the corresponding fader. (Read and Write. Write for recording automation and Read to read the recorded automation). For volume live move the fader with the W activated. For pan move the panner accordingly. However when recording has been done you will find the recorded automation as a drawn line moving up/down on each track. Click on the track on “Show automation”. Using the drawing tools you can now change the values. You can of course skip the live recording and draw everything from scratch.

It also helps to read the manual as it is all in there. Youtube is another source, and also buying tutorials.