Pan automation + mouse wheel = linked panners issue


This issue is still there in 10.5, please have a look at this video :
The first point is not created for linked panners when using mouse wheel instead of mouse click + drag

I made a video with 9.5.10 in 2018, for the same issue :


Try to decrease the Reduction Level in the Automation Panel > Settings, please.

You’re right : it works between 1% and 49%, IMHO it should work with the default value of 50%


I don’t think it should work. It depends, how the first step is subtle. Therefore there is the settings, so you can set it up, as you wish. Btw, the settings is there for the hardware controllers mainly. Using mouse scroll-wheel to write automation is really rear (as far as I know). Even using GUI by clicking to the object and moving the mouse, is much, much more often use. Drawing directly to the Automation track is also much more often use. So I believe the settings is optimised for these other more often used use cases.