Pan control - Mixconsole visual setting is where in CP8?

Hi, (i have done a few searches for an answer to this before posting)

i cannot seem to find the setting to choose the design of how pan controls look in Mixconsole. I used to have nice, small pan controls in my mixer for C7 and C5 sessions, controls that look like they do in my current CP8 Channel Settings. its just a little rectangle with a blue pointer that i can drag left or right. Nice and small and tidy…great.

but in the Mixconsole for CP8 it is currently this great big square, taking up heaps of space. It makes it harder for me to fit all the fader windows on my second screen like i used to, because all this valuable real estate is being selfishly used up by the big clunky looking square pan controls.

so how do i change the setting in Mixconsole in CP8 to make the pan control look like it does in the Channel Settings of CP8? See attachment and what i have circled in red to get the idea of the problem…

many thanks!


This depends on the bus kind, you are using. If you are using stereo busses only, then you will get the “normal” panner (the single line). You can also set it to Stereo Combined Panner (just click to the arrow on the right side, and select this from the menu). If you want to use the different panner (which is on Channels with Defeat Solo), add an 5.1 or 5.0 Audio track, into your project (or 5.1 Bus t your outputs). You don’t need to use it. It just has to be there. :wink:

hi Martin, thanks for your response.

I seem to be able to get the “normal” panner (the single line) when i start a new session in CP8, im glad i tested for that today after your post so thank you for your explanation.

but the session i loaded (which was started back in C5) seems to be stuck with the “square” panner. even though the audio tracks are stereo, not 5.1, and the groups are stereo also.

i have a feeling this might be a bug in CP 8.0.30 with loading older sessions? because this session loads fine in C7.5 with the “normal” panner (the single line) but in CP8 it loads with the square panners?

the good news is that at least new sessions started in CP8 have the normal panner so i thank you for investigating this further, but has anyone else reported or experienced this problem with older sessions?



Open VST Connections Inputs and Outputs, and make sure, there is no 5.1 (or other than Stereo) bus here. This could also leads to this Kind of panner. And VST Connections is stored with the project, so it would persist in. But it’s strange, it doesn’t look the same in C7.5. It should be the same.