Pan curve???

Is there a way to pan a section of audio say from left to right and then right to left as though the sound is coming from one direction and moving to the opposite direction, like a train coming from one direction, passing directly in front of you and then moving down the track in the other direction? Is there a way of drawing a pan line like you can draw a volume curve? Or do you have to use fade in/fade out and set the pan accordingly, perhaps using two or more copies of the section of sound? :slight_smile:

“Automation” in the manual :slight_smile:

panning alone will not produce a doppler shift effect. Part of the sound of objects moving across a sound field is a change in pitch and frequency response. You can do some automation of volume, compression, band pass filtering and panning. Doesn’t hurt to toss a little reverb and some echo sometimes too. You have to really work on the automation of all of these working together.

yeah, I remember setting up a little Doppler studio once a LONG time ago: A Cubase file with all ingredients in place and all I had to do was to import a WAV file that I wanted to “dopplerize” and possibly some mix WAV from a song/scene if that was important to the timing. It’s a lot of fun and if it’s loud enough you can scare the cauliflower fart out of unsuspecting friends, because nobody expect to hear a plane fly-over 2m above the roof :astonished: Even if you know it yourself when you hit START you kinda have this animal gut reaction to the sensation of “WHOOOOOSHHH” like an urge to duck if it comes back :laughing:

Gotta put that on the list and get a brand new 2012 version of the “Doppler studio.cpr”! A nice weekend project! :sunglasses:

and then post it here for all of us right? lol :wink:

no shit, post that cpr! I missed it.

:smiley: Thanks for the help on creating a pan curve/doppler effect. I’ll have to work on it and do some more study/reading, as there doesn’t seem to be a simple way to do it.

Yes, Howling Ulf, please post that cpr.

Waves has a plugin, which makes all of this for you: Doppler

:laughing: :laughing: Awesome. Is that some kind of Swedish saying?

naw, it’s more like innovating on the word filter. After I had hit the submit button the forum software had changed my word to “flower” … if they want flower they’ll get flower I though, as I’m such a mild and meek individual, and I just helped phpBB3 to take it to the next level, as they say nowdays :wink: