Pan faders completely left are not completely on the left

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed something strange about the pan fader.

One of my cubasis purpose is to play some sequences live when our keyboard player is away. I’m using the pan fader of the inspector track :

  • One track is a simple metronome for the drummer, with no reverb or any effect, put 100% left on the pan fader. My left output is connected to the drummer headphone only.
  • Another track plays the sequences, i’m using the right output for these one, and it goes directly to our PA system (sound system).

The result expected: only the drummer can hear the metronome and everybody on the audience hear the sequences.

But i’m still hearing a lil bit of the metronome on the right channel despite of the 100% left. It’s not very convenient in live condition…

The strange thing is that when i look at the master channel (“stereo out”) , there is no trace of the metronome on the right volume level.

Is anybody here has an idea?


what kind of interface are you using?

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Hi frieder and thanx for reading this,

For this purpose, only the headset output of the ipad with an Y cable. Like this:

headphone PA system
ipad headset jack

It is the same if i’m using an headphone plugged directly into the ipad : still metronome on the right while listening to the cubasis project (or a mixdown).


I am at the moment not able to reproduce your seutp. However, there are reports of bleeding when using interfaces that use the headphone jack for recording (for instance in [1]). This means that there is crosstalk betweem both channels of the jack resulting in hearing the left channel on the right channel and vice versa. I can imagine that this is what you are experiencing. Generally, using an interface that connects with the dock-connector is advisable.

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[1] –

Frieder You’re right: ive tried Ith my alesis io dock output and nothing on the right! So the headphone jack isn’t restitute the pan perfecly, the problem is from the ipad (or the iphone,it s the same issue) and has nothin to do with cubasis so.

Thanks a lot, i’ve got my solution for live performance!