Pan is exact opposite

It’s hard to describe : all other virtual instruments pan correctly but when I load a drum kit and want to pan the snare hard left , I’ll hear it Hard right !!
Really crazy ! ( yes I’ve checked audio system and it’s just on padshop !
I can pan the mixes correctly but the individual samples will pan the exact opposite - really crazy

If you have a Combined Stereo Panner somewhere along the signal path, they can be set to flip the Left & Right sides.


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I’ll check it out . Its only on the Simon Phillips studio drums instrument !
I’ll pan to the left and I’ll see the signal go there but the sound comes from the right .
And all other instruments work perfectly !
I’ll reinstall and then check for the submix pan effects .
Thanks for the tip ! :nerd_face:

There’s a little button on the “ kit mix “ fader
Looks like L/R with a box around it !

Channel swap !!!:rofl::rofl:
See there are dumb questions !!