Pan line input 1 to L and line input 2 to R without DAW - Steinberg UR22 MKII

Good afternoon,

The output of my 14channel mixer is going into my Steinberg UR22 MKII. Now when I am recording my synths in my DAW I am able to record and playback stereo sound. However, when I use the interface without a DAW (e.g. my turntable is also connected to the mixer) the interface/driver just sums the input of both line inputs. This transforms the stereo input signal to a mono output. I’ve looked into the driver but I cannot find any option to route the inputs. Does anyone have a solution how I can listen to signal from the two inputs in stereo without intervention of a DAW? Kinda annoying to start my DAW everytime I want to just listen to music in stereo.

Thanks a lot in advance!