Pan Not Available - Pro 10

I have a slightly weird issue. Last week I bought UR44C because I was not happy with Cubase’s performance with my other I/O devices but I now notice that I cannot change the pan settings for any channel in a mix, or the master output. If I change the output driver to ASIO4all or the Generic driver, pan comes back and I can set whatever I like but with the UR44C, I cannot pan anything. If I look at the mixer application, everything seems normal, the left and right meters mimic the output from Cubase, but there is definitely some sort of problem between Cubase and the UR44C. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what’s going on? I’m hoping there is a switch somewhere I need to toggle.

EDIT: On further investigation, it gets weirder. I have discovered I cannot solo anything from the mixer, either. I can mute anything I want but I can only solo from the arrangement window (or whatever you call it). I can’t even change the level of any channel. It’s like the mixer has been taken out of the process.

BTW, I have posted this in the Hardware forum, too.

Another interesting revelation - I can change the level fader and pan with my scroll wheel, just not with a click and drag. But I know click is working because I can click and mute a channel.