Pan not working when I use Control Room

Hello - My pans that I make in each track do not work, but if I disable Control Room, they do work. My main stereo out meter shows levels that do pan, but output to the speakers are not panned (with control room enabled). Is panning possible with Control Room?

Panning works just fine with Control Room. You probably have some error in routing. Check it from beginning of the signal chain to the end.

Hello - Thanks. All track outputs are routed to the Stereo Out. Are there routings in Control Room?

I too route audio tracks to targets that are stereo. The output bus in the Audio Connections’ “Outputs” tab is set to no output. Then in the Control Room tab in the same window the main interface outputs that go to my speakers is selected as the output for my speaker paths. Then again in the CR tab the output bus is selected as a monitor source. That’s all there is to it.

If it’s set up like that and it still doesn’t work then I would double-check any software or mixer that controls the audio interface directly and make sure you didn’t accidentally route both output channels of Cubase (Left/Right) to both outputs in which case any panning in Cubase would just sort of disappear.

@gene_abraham Did you check if you’re audition in Mono in the Control Room?
There’s a button where you can switch between Mono and Stereo Audition just below the Volume Knob in the Control Room.

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