Pan question using group track

So I have two tracks Track 1 panned L60 and track 2 panned R60. If I route them through a single group track how do I maintain the exact pan position of each track? I know this should be dead easy, and probably is. I’ve just checked the manual, is this achieved by setting the “Stereo Dual Panner” on the Group to L60 and R60?

If this is so then what happens if I want to route say 10 tracks (all with different panning positions) through one group Track? Is the relative field of panning maintained correctly?

Basic question but just want to make sure.

Thanks in advance.


Create a stereo group, leave the panning hard left right, then use the panning of any channel panned to that group.

Thanks but do you mean set the “Stereo Dual Panner” on the Group track to hard L & R? And by doing that ALL the grouped channels will maintain their correct pan position as a result?

Just need to clarify.

When you create a stereo group track the default is left/right, as in a stereo track, any mono channel routed to that stereo group track will maintain it’s panning you set from the mono channel.

So yes no need to change the defaul panner on the group track.

Thanks for your answer. Does this apply to stereo tracks? Practically ALL my tracks I need to group are stereo tracks.

The pannig will be preserved.

Thanks Split. Most helpful.