Pan section on mixer is do I shrink?

I guess it’s to accommodate for surround sound, but I’m just mixing stereo. The pan controller is a giant BOX!

How do I go back to just the basic LR?

Mixer real-estate is essential, and I don’t wanna waste any on a feature that I’m not utilizing. Is it only on/off??

You must have defined a channel in VST Connections (Input, Output or Control Room) that is more than simple stereo. The mixer has no way of knowing if you are actually going to use such a channel, but makes room for it anyways. To get back to the simple stereo panner, you need to delete that VST Connection.

Hmmm…not sure what it was. Absynth was set to a preset with surround I think. I think that makes all the other panning sections the same size, even if they’re just in stereo. After swapping out Absynth, the channels are back in stereo.