pan & volume envelopes

I have been mixing 24 track audio cut into many groups of clips along the timeline. My preferred method of mixing is to choose all clips, view envelopes and pan. Then I select all clips and view volume envelopes to adjust levels.
The way it is working is totally confused. Sometimes when I select all clips only one clip’s envelope changes and sometimes only a few of them change. Then again sometimes they all change. It doesn’t seem that there is any logic in getting them all to change.
It is very time consuming to select one clip at a time to change the envelope view.

It gets worse when I select a few clips, some of which have the volume showing and some have the pan showing. If I change the envelope view to volume then the pan envelope changes to volume but the volume envelope dissapears on the ones that were showing it to start with.

So, is there a proper way to be using ‘Display envelopes’ that I am not understanding?
Do I have to change each clip individually?
Is there a proper way to group clips and change the envelope display from volume to pan?

Do I have to change each clip individually?

Yes. unfortunatly. I agree a function to do this on more than one clip missing and should be added.

Such a function would be very welcome indeed! Personally, I’d prefer having a pan control close to the track slider - even better!

After reviewing this part of the program: in order to change the envelope type to be displayed in more than one clip, select all these clips before, then choose the envelope type from the menu (“Volume / Fades”, “Pan”, etc…).

I think I will change this as a global selector: the menu will control the displayed envelope type in all clips, selected or not.

A global selector that changes all clip envelopes to visible is a very good idea. That would be the fastest way to work on panning then go back to volume.

The present system has glitches. Sometimes envelopes in groups dissapear while others appear. The only sure way right now is to do them individually. Very time consuming.

You can group that channels and manage unique volume envelope for all.