Pan & Volume on Track Header (mockup)

please PLEASE add volume and pan controls on the track itself… I know you can open the mixer below or in another window or whatnot but having it directly on the track would make it so much easier to get a quicker overview without having to click on the track itself or open another window. I’ve mocked something up below based on the sends design.

But not this?

so a couple things…

  1. That does work but takes more space
  2. can I make this a default for all tracks? afaik I have to manually select each track, Open automation panel, then add pan?

It could be said that the first screenshot takes up more space (horizontally).

The first 3 slots by default are Volume / Mute / Linked Panner

However, this is of course relying on Automation which means the values have to be written and automation on. It would be nice to simple view it as is.

For me though I just flip the inspector on and view the Fader section.

For sure… I could see that being set/adjusted in the track control settings where you either have it going off to the side or under the buttons.
Maybe here:
Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 2.43.05 PM

Either way… I think having something on the track header directly would be quicker than toggling the inspector… selecting regions can select those tracks in the inspector but I think it’d be much quicker to look at 8 track’s panning in the project view than the inspector

Not disagreeing @stevenpalomino nothing against the idea ta all… but meanwhile, if you have inspector on a key command and set on fader it is literally the time it takes to press a key.

Yeah I see and understand your point but disagree.
I already have inspector mapped to a key… and the issue with this is… you have to press the key, then look for where your track is in the inspector since it’s doesn’t default to centering the selected track… so if you’ve got 200 tracks it may be on the right side of the screen or the center… I know … it’s a small thing… but those little things add up in a big project… I’m not saying this is a huge life-changing feature request… I’m saying it’d be something small to make things easier overall.
That compared to already seeing the 4 tracks you want to change the panning or volume of right in the track header itself is more convenient IMO

In my mind this is the same kind of feature as horizontal zoom with mouse wheel… sure it doesn’t take a lot of time to press a shortcut a few times but scroll wheel is a lot more efficient and a little faster…
Same as locating the playhead with shift+option+click instead of using the timeline at the top… it’s the little things you know?

This has confused me.

If the track is selected, (which it would have to be in order to see the controls you are proposing), then hitting the inspector key will instantly show the info for that selected track. And if you have the fader section expanded you will instantly see the fader.

So even with 10 or 1000 tracks, either way you still have to select the track. Then press a key. (or expand the track so that you can see all the extra info).

As I said I like the idea though. But for me it would be neither time nor space saving, it is however, convenient.

ah okay… seems you’ve misunderstood my proposal then. I’m saying you shouldn’t have to select the track for those controls to be available… so they would be on all tracks just like solo, record, or mute.

I think i confused the bottom MixConsole with the inspector… which honestly sounds like it would take exponentially longer to pan 4 tracks left and right because you’d have to select the track then go over to the inspector and pan vs sliding something on the track header directly if that makes sense.
Sorry for the confusion :laughing:

Aha I see, in which case you would just have to make space for them. Yes great.

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Exactly… and collapsing them smaller would just mimic what Cubase already does which is just cutting off those rows which is fine because if you’re zoomed out you probably want a more generalized overview anyway :man_shrugging:t4:

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Just a heads up for anyone that happens to stumble upon this… just found “Edit Channel Panner” opens this window and can be assigned to a key for quicker tweaks if you select a track or region.
Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 5.23.27 PM

Just moved from Logic/Studio One and come up against this issue - it does rather slow one done. I for one would greatly welcome volume and pan on the track header. Just when you think you’ve found the perfect DAW…

yeah spoiler alert… there is no perfect DAW… I’ve also tried many… they all have their flaws and use cases… Cubase has been where I landed because of feature sets and flexibility. In my case I use it most for production and vocal tracking and it’s been the most consistent