Pan & Volume settings in .CPR file (Cubase 12)

I bit of a long shot here, but here goes:

I have eleven Cubase 12 projects which form an album and want to unify the MIDI instrument sounds used across all the projects (i.e. if a flute is panned to -20 in one project, it will be similarly panned in all the other projects).

To help me do this I have written a program which scans through a .CPR file and extracts a list of used VST instruments, together with a list of MIDI tracks and which instrument & MIDI Channel they use. For this information to be of any use, I also need to know the intial Pan and Volume settings for each MIDI track, but all my attempts to work out where to find this in a .CPR project file have failed.

I realise this is rather an obscure request - but can anyone help?


For Volume and Pan, both have the default value set to Off.

Hi Martin,

I should have been more clear in my first post - when I wrote “initial” I meant “when playback starts from the beginning”.

When Cubase first loads a saved project it sets the Pan & Volume for each track to the values previously set by the user (or defaults to “Off” - as you say - if no changes have been made). It’s these values I am trying to determine from the .CPR file.

I have been working on the assumption that the Pan values stored might be:

0 = Off
1-63 = Lefthand Pan (-63 thru -1)
64 = Centre
65-127 = Righthand Pan (+1 thru +63)

while Volume might be:

1-128 = MIDI Volume (0-127)

with 1 byte to store each value.

However, I’m now pretty certain that my assumptions are wrong as I cannot find anything to support this in any of my .CPR project files (unless the bytes/values are compressed somehow - in which case I have no chance of identifying them!).

At the very least it would be useful to know whether this data is stored as part of a MIDI track definition, a Mixer track definition, or neither!