Pandeiro notation

This is pandeiro notation created by I don’t know what, who or how, but I’d like to do my own some way like it with Dorico. How close can I come to this? I’ve been able to lengthen/shorten stems, not remove noteheads. Can that be done?

Have you tried Properties > Notes and Rests > Hide notehead?
It is only available in Engrave mode.

As it works fine for me on a normal 5-line staff, I presume that it will work on a single-line staff.

Is this what you’re looking for?


This post shows how to obtain a one-line staff. Replace the percussion clef with an invisible one, add the time signature and repeat barlines, and enter the following sequence of pitches as sixteenth notes: F D F D G D F D. Change the third and seventh noteheads to X noteheads. Select the first notehead and set the bracket style to round. In engrave mode, select the second, fifth, sixth and eighth noteheads and hide the noteheads and the ledger line. Make these noteheads invisible by unchecking View>Note And Rest Colors>Hidden Noteheads. Finally, select both beams and move them upward.

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Thank you! Off-topic: Are you by any chance involved in the musical side of this? I am, and information is non-existent where I am. I have questions to ask about the pandeiro.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I am a retired computer programmer and creating musical performances on the computer is merely a hobby of mine.

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Thank you very much! Now I’ll try my best to preserve this and use it as a template.

Yes. Here is the Dorico project:

Pandeiro notation.dorico (408.5 KB)