I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m starting to enjoy the repetition, but the familiarity is comforting at a time when everything “normal” feels a little irrelevant.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

In the old Steinberg forum days this thread would have been moved to the lounge almost immediately. Coincidentally, there is a similar topic currently available. I know you Dorico guys (and gals) don’t go visiting other sub-forums regularly, but it wouldn’t hurt. :wink:

Thanks; I’ve offloaded there :wink:

That’s OK by me; as I said in my op, I trust the moderators to do with my positive sentiments what they will. And stand by the notion that there is so much here to lift the spirits that I’m grateful for it!

I had never really checked the other sub-forums. It would maybe be cool to get a music notation thread going there … I’m kind of a notation geek and would love to get a good conversation going if anyone would like to geek out with me.

In a somewhat related note, since we can’t actually play music live with other musicians anymore for a few months, I’m excited that this single from the next “Orrin Evans and the Captain Black Big Band” CD was released today!!! We are a Grammy-nominated band, and Sean Jones sounds amazing on flugel on my arrangement, which was probably only the 3rd or 4th chart I had ever written in Dorico. (I’m playing alto, but Stacy Dillard on tenor has lead on the ensemble sections over the pedal) Please check it out if you have a chance!

… and here’s the ending if anyone cares:

Todd, check out

Yeah, I was an early adopter over there (as Fred) and actually gave some $ to keep it afloat, but would definitely be interested in a discussion over here if anyone is interested. I have a couple dozen notation books including some pretty obscure ones, if anyone would be interested in making an OT thread. Obviously OCTO (if he checks this), benwiggy, John, David, tismst, and others’ advice would be welcome too.

Ha! Good one!

These days, housebound like everyone else,my online chats from friends and relatives seems to be filling up with short videos, all designed to raise a smile. Most do and some are genius.

This one popped up today and I thought it did a far better job of notating than I had ever managed.

Great video. You’ll find there’s a remarkable Beethoven’s 5th symphony too !

there are quite a few of them

Fred! Nicely done. Wonderful performances and arranging.
thank you