Pandora's Box version II

Yeah…this version is better than your first IMHO…well done…excellent sounds and production…Kevin

great skills,your mixes massage my ears.

Great mix

i like the panning voices !!

Hey man

I agree with the guys above the mix is really cool. I’m just thinking about the title, Pandora’s Box. That box was very bad ass man, it is the box that contains all the worlds evils :imp: So I was thinking with the voices which in terms of melody are good, but maybe if you could get a thicker “choir from hell” type sound. Like gregorian chant :laughing: Even add in some long holding distorted guitars, some occasional pounding drums (like an army of darkness marching band) light and shade etc etc.

I think with more heavy, thicker sounds this tune will stand out more.

Great idea though, and I dig the intro, its haunting :astonished: :smiling_imp:

Cheers, Chris

Agree with others, great sounding mix

Sounds good, but I agree, it is inappropriately named… I was expecting a full-on Prog Metal extravaganza :laughing: