Panel symbols all messed up

Just installed 3.5 Elements on a Dell Precision 5540 running Win 10. Any idea why all of the symbols in the Write panel are incorrect? Works fine on my desktop.

Here’s a view of the left hand side:

Have you restarted after installing?

Yes, restarted and re-installed a few times now, still no luck. Tried uninstall and then re-install as Admin, still no good.

Check what version of Bravura you’re running. Should be 1.39 or later, if memory serves me.

The symbols in the user interface don’t come from Bravura, but from a font that is included inside the Dorico application folder called Dorico Icons. Can you check that this font is included in the Resources\fonts folder inside the Dorico 3.5 folder in Program Files?

I have a fonts folder under Dorico 3.5, but not a Resources/fonts folder. Within my fonts folder is the file DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf. Also in there are 12 SourceSansPro font files, which is interesting because whenever I open a file I get the popup message saying that font family is missing.

Seems like the issue was not having Admin rights (work laptop). Trying to install the fonts individually gave me an error about it not being a valid font file. The workaround was to choose the option “Install for all users” when right-clicking on the font file. This solved the panel symbols issue and also the font family message. Thanks dspreadbury for pointing me in the right direction here!

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In fact you don’t need to install those fonts into your system fonts folder: Dorico will happily load them from the application folder. But I’m glad this has solved the problem for you.