Panels controlling multitimbral synth


I’m trying to integrate my Yamaha Genos keyboard with Cubase. I have worked out how to create a Device Panel with custom controls (sliders, knobs) sending midi and sysex-messages to control different parameters on my keyboard. Great!

But, it seems that when I create a panel it gets tied to a specific Midi-channel. What I would like is to have the same panel accessible for every midichannel. Shure, I can copy the controls from one panel to another, but the parameters wont be copied, so then I would have to set them up again for all the 16 channels.

Is there a simple way to solve this?

Oh oh… as far as I remember, this can only be achieved upon first setup of the device panel by selecting all midi channels as identical for this device. I seem to remember that a later change of that is not possible. But maybe someone else can give a more pleasant anwer and prove me wrong. I hope so at least.

Thanks for your reply.
Just as you say this seem to be possible only during the first set up by selecting channels as identical. But since I have all the patches (banks) for my Yamaha Genos in an existing Device, I would need to:

Be able to export only the patch banks, and then import them into my new Device.
Hack the XML-file, but I’m not able to find any value in there corresponding to “individual” or “identical” channel-setup, and I cant seem to just copy the xml-elements that contain the banks, to the new device.

Lets hope were wrong.

As it turns out, the answer can be found on page 34 in the “MIDI_Devices_english.pdf” manual.

The way to solve this is to manually edit the xml-file. I must have missed something in my previous try, but it shure feels nice knowing that it can be done!