Panic Behaviour

In my preferences, I have Panic Reset Audio Device set to on.

When I press the keyboard ESC button, which is the default keyboard shortcut for Panic, it takes about 10 seconds and then moves the transport to the beginning of the track I was on, but it does keep the audio device set to the interface I am using (in this case a Steinberg 816C).

I have a USB controller, & I have set it so that pressing a button on the USB controller can trigger Panic as well. However, when I do that, besides the fact that it seems to reset instantly instead of taking 10 seconds, the audio device gets reset to the Generic ASIO Driver (which points all the outputs to something other than my audio device, so it effectively stops all audio output unless I go into preferences and change the audio device back to my Steinberg interface).

Any idea why there is a total difference in behaviour between pressing the keyboard ESC button and using a USB controller to trigger the Panic action? If the application freezes during a show, I was expecting that I could use the Panic function to reset everything & then keep going, but it is a bit confusing. Why does the Panic Resets Audio Device seem to behave differently when triggered by keyboard vs USB controller?

We’ll check, thanks for reporting.

Thank you. It is difficult to test how panic works unless you have a system freeze. If you have any sure-fire idea of how to generate a system freeze, that would be useful for testing purposes.

There is absolutely no difference between using the escape key, or a MIDI controller to trigger any “Actions and Shortcuts” action whatsoever, they lead to exactly the same code.

But what reset audio does is to stop and restart the current audio device - which will also locate transport to the top because the audio clock synchroniser has also reset.

If restarting the current audio device fails, which can only happen if the driver refuses to start successfully because of whatever reasons, VST Live starts the next best driver, as probably happens in your case where it chooses “Generic Low Latency”.

This is assuming your “USB Controller” sends MIDI and you have programmed the actions to react to MIDI. If your controller just emulates a key stroke, it will also take the same route. But maybe the controller interfers with your audio device or whatever, hard to say without further details. In any case, the action is always propagated to the same code execution, so it is much more likely a combination of external circumstances.

To compare, you would also need to execute the exact same sequence of actions, because the 2nd audio device reset may well expose a different result than the first one, which is outside of our control.

Thank you very much for checking. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow & check the Windows event logs to see if I can spot any audio device driver errors after running the Panic command, & I’ll get some screenshots of the setup to clear up what is happening.

So I have done more testing. The difference in behaviour remains on my gig laptop when using my Hotone Ampero Control USB controller device to trigger Panic, compared to using the ESC button on the keyboard. I also updated to the latest firmware for the USB Controller device & that made no difference.

There is nothing in any of the the Windows Event Viewer logs to indicate any errors occurring at the same time that the audio device gets changed to the Generic Asio Driver after using the USB controller to trigger Panic.

The action is one of 4 USB controller buttons that have all been setup the same way. 3 of them work but Panic does not.

The one test that is remaining is to try this all with a different interface on my gig laptop. (I had a Komplete Audio 6 audio interface on my old desktop PC & the audio driver did not get reset when using the USB controller to trigger Panic on that machine.) And yes I do have the latest Steinberg USB driver for my gig laptop which uses the Steinberg UR816C interface. This is an odd one.

Can only repeat what was said before. When a MIDI message is received, it checks to find a connected action, and when it finds one, it propagates a signal to the user thread. The user thread is where also the system message for the escape key on your keyboard is evaluated. Then the action handler is invoked, it does not even know where the trigger comes from, so to repeat, it takes literally exactly the same route.

As MIDI processing at the system/driver level is entirely de-coupled from evaluation of the message, it just makes no sense. Maybe the MIDI message is also triggering something else along the way, maybe try something else like a note on for a test.

Also we assume that you use the latest prerelease version, 1.4.7 as of this writing.

As an update, I have tried using 3 different interfaces: a Steinberg UR816C, a Steinberg UR44, & a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6, & regardless of which interface I used, using my Hotone USB Controller to trigger the Panic mode reset the audio device to the Generic ASIO Driver in all cases. Using the keyboard ESC key did not. I can only conclude that there is something about the Hotone Control USB Controller signal that does not behave as expected when it comes to triggering Panic mode (though it is fine for start/stop, next & prev functions). If I get another midi controller to play with I will test with it. For now, in case of emergency, it looks like we use the laptop keyboard for triggering Panic. Thanks for your help in looking into it all the same.