PANIC: C6 don't load my project - SOLVED!

Help! Panic!

During editing a midi part in KeyEdit, in a complex project, C6 crash.
After this crash, C6 start normally but, BUT: Hangs when loading my crashed project.
The first time reboot, c6 ask me for loading last backup, I say Yes.
But, during project loading, Cubase hangs when load a channel track (previously freezed) and there’s no way to start the session project.
I must force quit every time.

Please, tell me that my work is not lost!

If you’ve had autosave on then you could try other versions of the bak files (rename them to cpr extension)

I’ve never had an issue with opening because freeze files are missing so maybe your freeze file is corrupted…you could try moving the freeze folder out of the project folder & see if it will load.

If none of this works I’d probably try hiding the vstplug folder & see if it will open then…could be that without the previously frozen file you are overloading the cpu??

Ok, SOLVED! My God.

Grim, I tried all possible solutions you’ve suggested and others, but nothing is served.
After 2 hours of trying all possible ways, God prompted me to trash the Cubase preferences folder: Fixed.

Now I can deliver the track for mastering.

Steinberg, is heart-pounding a C6 feature???