Panic! Entire set appears lost on VST live 2.0.3

I have just upgraded to VST live 2.0.3 from 2.0.1. I uploaded the project I was working on 5 mins before on v2.0.1 and it said it ‘cannot be loaded, it is empty or does not exists’. Hence… PANIC. I located the folder and sure enough, suddenly my vlprj file is 0KB instead of the 2,624KB its supposed to be.
I had saved it before the update, and I have a BAK file that is stopping me from heading to A&E right now, I just cant seem to get VST to recognise and load it.
Any ideas what caused the deletion of my project, and how I can restore from a BAK file.

Hi @HonkyTonk
First make a copy of your BAK file to somewhere and put it extra safe!
Now: rename the “original” *.bak file (next to your 0kB vlprj) to myprojectrecovery.vlprj and open it. Fingers crossed! (still keep your BAK copy safe in another location).

VST Live certainly never deletes project files. Worst that can theoretically happen is that it crashes during save, which could - theoretically - leave behind an empty project file.

It is recommended with any software whatsoever to at least occasionally “Save As” instead of always just “Save”, or at least create a backup copy now and then.

As Felician pointed out, VST Live also creates a .bak file before saving, which you can rename to .vlprj to restore the previously saved version.

Yep, changing the name of the saved BAK file restored my last save. Still not sure what happened there though, coincidence that I did the upgrade at the same time?