PANIC! please help lost stereo output Cubase 6

Using Cubase 6 (.07) on Mac OSX 7 (iMac)

Everything was working fine… for years…

all of a sudden no more stereo output. My stereo patches, pianos for example now send in mono only. Both sides of the channel meter read accurately. All sound now mono.

What has happened???

I’ve checked vst connections, stereo output busses, ASIO driver (presonus), clock source… all fine.
I’ve re-loaded and restarted everything multiple times. Same result.
Even previous recordings now are mono.

When I try to pan a mono channel on any instrument there is no audible difference…

Any help, suggestions, thoughts would be most appreciated!

Panic resolved!
Let this be a lesson to ME… the noob… always completely trace down possible sources of a problem BEFORE pressing the panic button.
Turned out my problem was NOT AT ALL related to Cubase (6 on osx 10.7) or PreSonus. I am still very happy with both.

…And I’m not updating my osx or my CB 6. Which means I have NO access to new plugins like The Piano 3. That really sucks, just three years from new… not risking CB 6 on 10.9… “not supported”. Great.

Hi mwatson,
Can you tell me how you resolved this issue?
I am having a similar issue, and I feel silly that I have not yet figured it out, but I’m hoping your experience will give me a clue! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help,

Same here - i’ve lost stereo output