Panic with jbridge and waves bundle cubase 6 64 bit crashed

Hi forgive me but now i have a big problem

i downloaded waves one knob louder, one knob pressure and now i have also purchased maxxbass ( always from waves)

I followed instructions for use of jbridge, i created a folder into my c:\programs\cubase6 64 bit\vstplugin , called " bridged plugins" and followed umd ( the jbridge creator) instruction on jbridge ( run as administrator for all the three programs of jbridge and also for cubase 6 64 bit)

When i previously bridged only oklouder and pressure, everything worked fine!!

But when i rescanned the "waves " folder ( located in c:\programfiles (x86) )
to bridge also maxxbass, the same error at cubase start occurred ( could not find waveslib 8.0.dll in your computer and so on…) so i did not find waves plugins inside cubase.

Also, i deleted the .xml file of cubase for vst2 plugins, and rescanned the folders but with no result.
At last, i copied and pasted the waves8.0.dll directly in the

c:\programs\cubase6 64 bit\vstplugin

folder, so t make cubase find it, but it crashed and my system crashed and now i am re-installing cubase.

I am going mad. Could you please help me? which options of jbridge i should use so as not to have this problem anymore?

What is the cubase 6 question?


ok i hoped you could help me but not because im using jbridge in itself but because i use it into cubase 6

whats wrong with my question?

anyway if you dont want to help me…