I had cubase 6 installed on my older studio pc, then I built a new studio and upgraded to cubase 8. Now there’s only cubase 8 on that elincenser usb stick so cubase can’t be opened on that older pc that contains thousands of hours of work :frowning:
I’ve been waiting 4 months for reply from Steinberg and just sent another support ticket about this but still no reply.
Panic has been inevaitable. What can I do to remedy this? I was using alot of weird plugins on that cubase 6, some of which I dont even remember the name of. If I uninstall cubase 6 and install cubase 8 all these projects will become useless.

Have you tried putting the stick with the Cubase 8 license on it in the older PC with Cubase 6 on it and running Cubase 6? It should work. The Cubase 8 license allows all older versions of Cubase to run.

what really??
I think I tried it but it asked for the usb license. I’m gonna try it again and see

i once had trouble with my elicencer dongle , it was because i didnt put the dongle back into the same usb slot it was in when i first registered the licence . dont know why exactly . i wouldnt panic anyway cubase 6 projects will even open in cubase 5