Panner Help Plz

Sometimes I start up and the panner is normal and somtimes its like a graph type panner. I hate the graph one, how do I get it like normal left right and not the graph… i can screen shot if I must.

I think I have the same problem. It looks a little bit like the surround-panner, doesn’t it? This happens
allways when I open older projects (v6.5.4 for example). When I create a new project the panner looks
“normal” again.

Bump, this is doing my head in as well.

Hi, are you guys talking about what I mentioned in this thread ?

Please check out my uploaded pictures !

Are you opening old projects that had the dual panner in use?

Yes mate this is it on the link below - i am going through the process of updating all my old projects, it only appears on some though - i used to use dual panner alot, i preferred it.

I agree there should be an option to enable/disable this view - I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be there in the first place.

Did you use any quadro or multichannel tracks in your old projects ? Cause thats the reason I get this alternative mixer.

You can have like 2000 normal tracks - add one quadro (or other multichannel) track and all panners look like this.

By the way, I actually like this panner more than the standard one. It’s just to big. But as you said, it should be an option so everyone can have what he prefers!

I checked my projects again because i was really sure that there are no surround-channels
or something like that.
But I often used ImageLine Vocodex on a quadro-fx-channel in my sessions to use sidechaining.
When I delete this channel, the “stereo”-panner appears again.
I really would like to use quadro-channels and change the look of the panner. The surround
one is too big for my notebook too. :slight_smile:

I actually like that Panning mode aswell but, same as you think it is way to big. It would be useful if you could turn it on and off when you please. I would use it for loarger classical projects for example, but not for pop/urban projects.

I do have a couple of instances of Kontakt using its combined Multi out feature, maybe thats causing it…