Panners in the mixer are suddenly huge surround-style panners...?

I’ve been using Cubase for many years and I’ve never even seen the big surround-like panner in the mix console. Now they’re on every project and are taking up huge amounts of space…and I can’t figure out how to get the panners back to their normal smaller height. I don’t have nor have I ever had surround tracks or channels in any session I’ve ever done on Cubase so I’m not sure why they suddenly are like that. Maybe I’m not searching correctly but I can’t find anything in the manual that specifically addresses this.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

Check your VST Connections for multichannel busses.

Thanks – just checked and they’re all stereo, no multichannel of any kind. Control Room is also stereo.

In Stereo:

The good news is, you’re not alone. I’ve had this show up recently with an old Project file that might have been generated from a version of Cubase earlier than version 6. The particulars are the same as what you’re seeing: no use of surround channels ever, no surround/multichannel bussing present… all stereo. I’m seeing a mixer filled with surround planners and no way to get rid of them. Removing and resetting output assignments doesn’t jog it into a fix. Somehow, the Project file has become corrupted with permenantly assigned surround panners.

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered this. The only thing I can point the finger at is that it’s happening in C10. Other Project files that were generated around the timeframe this one was generated, launch normally, so I don’t have a clue as to what sets this bug off or causes the corruption.

The only thing that you don’t make clear is if you’re seeing this with Projects recently created in C10 or if they were created from earlier Cubase versions. If the latter is true, then there is common ground between what you’re seeing and what I’m seeing.

I’m having the same issue in one of my sessions and was wondering what was going on - I actually kind of like the way they work - takes up more space, but it feels easier to set up the panning. It is a session that was set up in 9.5. I have other, though, also set up in 9.5, where the panners are normal.

Assuming you have a preset for your output buss config, what happens if you delete all your outputs and then recreate them from the preset.

Any VSTi (like Kontakt) with multichannel outputs in the project?

Necroposting for posterity in case someone else runs into this.

Had the exact same problem. Project created in 10 and opened later in 11. Only stereo and mono busses in project. Huse surround style panners.

I actually solved it by recalling an old snapshot that was saved. This seemed somehow to reset the mixer layout.

UPDATE: After saving and then reopening the project the problem came back with the large panners. After some digging around I realized it was connected to Kontakt. One instance had a set of outputs that was indeed borked. When I deleted that output everything works as expected.