Pannig isue please help 🙏🏻

Hi. So I’m currently using cubase 13 pro and i have a serious problem with pannig.

It doesn’t matter if its audio/midi/mono/stereo track. Halion or groove or something from Arcade it won’t pan the sound! If i pan it to the left the sound is completely lost and if i pan it to the right it’s always coming from the middle :sob::sob::sob::sob: please help me

To me, this sounds like you have connected only the right side of a stereo bus. So when you pan left, the signal goes "to the great unknown"™, but when you pan to the right the signal gets louder and louder.

Some info to troubleshoot this further would be:

  • A description of your audio interface.
  • A screenshot of your audio connections window (F4),
  • Confirmation that everything else works fine outside Cubase. (meaning that outside Cubase you can hear sound coming only from the left speaker, or the right speaker.)