Panning and Flux

Hi all,

After playing with CP 9.5, I really like the update, and really like the 64 bit and the difference it appears to make!

I have 2 issues though, which are:

  1. My panners, which have reversed since the update??? If I pan left it plays right, and vice-versa? Never seen this before so can anyone advise me??

  2. Flux vst. Its free with the HS SE upgrade…great!!! So why isnt it now included in my paid forr Halion Sonic as well? Seems a bit tight fisted of Steinberg, and if I want to use Flux I need to load HS SE???

Any ideas or comments??

Jim B

Flux should be available in all Halion variants when you buy Cubase 9.5. You probably used different settings while installing Cubase compared to when you installed the full Halion Sonic (that install for all users thing).

Does it show up in the Halion Library Manager software?

Hi Romantique,

Again, thanks for your response!

When I installed 9.5, I did the “install for all users” thing but Flux is not showing anywhere in my Halion Sonic set up, only HSSE3??

I’ll do some more digging before I see if Steinberg techs can help me!!!

Jim B

Look for a file called FCP_SMT_232_HSSE_Flux_Presets.vstsound , and throw it into the “C:\Users{{username}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound” folder.

Hi all,

For what its worth, I solved my panning issue.
All my tracks (7 audio) were routed to an FX track for reverb, and in the mixer view I noticed all the sends were pre fader.
When I switched them to post, all the pans behaved as they should. Seems odd but hey ho!!!

Best to you all,

Jim B