panning and the control room

Is there a way for the headphone outputs in my control room to automatically mimic the panning that i use on my Nuendo channels?

Automatically, no, however it’s a simple process to duplicate panning from channel -> headphone sends.

From the manual:

  1. In the MixConsole, select the channels from which you want to copy the settings.
  2. In the Control Room, do one of the following:
  • To apply the function only to this cue channel, right-click on a cue channel to open the context menu.
  • To apply the function to all cue channels, click anywhere but on a cue channel to open the context menu.
  1. Select From selected mixer channels and select one of the functions.

Use Current Pan Settings Allows you to copy pan information from the main mix to the cue sends of the selected tracks. If the cue send is mono, the pan setting is copied, but the output of the cue send is the sum of the left and right channels.

Thanks very much for that. That’s quicker than the way I was doing it but still a little cumbersome if you’ve got someone doing over dubs. I looked for an opportunity to create a keyboard stroke to execute copying my panning settings to the cue mixes but apparently that is not among the choices.

Is there a way to create an audio channel with the cue mix sends already turned on?