Panning and the Sereo Field in C7

good evening

im trying to archieve a clearer sound by placing my instruments/tracks on different positions in the room.
im looking for something similar to aliverb´s feature described in this article: Quick Tip: Realistic Panning

i ususally use reverbs as send effects which dont replace the signal.
and since i want to set the position of the entire instrument, not just it´s reverb im not sure if this is the correct approach.

is it possible to pull off something like this in cubase 7 or do i need a vst plugin?


I presume you meant instrument section as in you’re working with an orchestra (like in the example) I’m sure you might be able to find either a free or reasonably priced VST plugin that can help you achieve this to some degree (i.e. create some pseudo psycho-acoustic virtual instrument placement scenario etc). is always a good place to look for such things (just search with useful keywords).

From a mixing perspective I think there are various techniques you can potentially explore to ‘enhance’ the perception of depth in a mix (i.e. front/back in addition to only L/R), such as sounds that have more high frequency detail/air tend to seem more forward in a mix (as opposed to sounds with slightly attenuated high frequency content which tend to sound further back) but these are only rudimentary/basic tips, and I’m sure some of the more experienced engineers who post here will be able to help you more in this respect!

However I would say that even using different mix techniques is likely to be a lot of work and produce inferior results to say a dedicated plug in that uses convolution/DSP psycho-acoustic algorithms etc, and if there is a need to do this kind of thing regularly (i.e. its your job) it would make much more sense to invest in a decent VST tool to provide a professional result with minimum effort (such as a useful sound placement interface like in Altiverb etc). Actually I didn’t realize that it did this - pretty cool stuff! Sorry I can’t help more but its an interesting subject and I’m looking froward to what others have to say! :wink:


Kat :slight_smile: