Panning Appears to be disabled on some tracks.

I have three audio tracks where it says “no panner” in the Inspector tab. The panning section on the mixer window is blank (doesn’t have the panning adjuster). When the tracks were created the panning option was available and I am not sure exactly when it went away. I was using automation to do panning and now I can’t get that to work again (I suspect I did something while working with the automation, but have not idea what it was). I have had this problem before and am pretty sure it is user-induced. My work around has been to create a new track and copy the audio into the new track, but this is not what I’d call a graceful approach.

I have searched through the forum and the documentation but nothing is popping out at me.


The panning went away, when you routed the track to a mono bus.

That appears to be the case. I just noticed the same thing happened on some guitar tracks. Thanks for assisting a newbie with what was indeed a straightforward oops. As usual everything is intuitive once you know how it works :slight_smile:!