Panning (at least I think that is the term)

Could some kind person please point me to the page in the User Manual that covers panning (I am doing a choir rehearsal track and want to put one instrument on the right channel only, and all the others on the left). I do this from time to time, but this is the first time in Dorico, and I don’t really know the technical name of what I am looking for!

Searching for Panning in the User Manual gives 0 results;
Searching for Pan gives 868 results, most of which seem to be about the word Panel. Even if I put a space after Pan .

Many thanks

Hi Fergus, you should be able to do this in the Mixer. Unfortunately, at the moment Play mode and Mixer topics aren’t yet included in the Dorico 4 manuals as that’s still in progress.

You can access the Mixer either as a panel in the lower zone, or as a window that pops out when you click the mixer button in the toolbar at the top of the window.

Thanks - that would explain why I couldn’t find it. However, I do need more help. Can you please explain how to put one instrument on the right channel only, and all the others on the left? Also, this project (attached) appears to play in stereo, but only exports on one channel. I have probably pressed some random key stroke to choose that option, but I really would like a stereo output. (All my other projects export audio in stereo).

Many thanks again.
Bridge1 copy.dorico (1.7 MB)

I would expect that setting the pan on the instrument you want to come out on the right channel to the extreme right, and similarly to the left for the other instruments, would produce the result you want – but I must confess it’s been a while since I played with panning in Dorico myself.

A picture would be essential for this user. I can’t work out how to set the pan on ANY instrument. And I can’t look it up.

Is there a section in a previous manual?

Is there something wrong with the project file I sent?

You can refer to this page for the Mixer in the 3.5 manual, although the UI has changed significantly between that and the latest version. The relevant callout is number 7.

In version 4, you’re looking for the horizontal bar-like area at the top of each channel strip, which by default in its neutral state displays “C”.


(Or, refer to this page from the iPad manual.)

Larger image.

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Thank You, both. That seems obvious now you have pointed it out. @Derrek thank you for the arrows! and for taking the time and trouble to help. The problem with the file I sent was that the output was set to R100 - so of course it was only outputting on one channel. I must have knocked it accidentally.